walnut & feijoa breakfast crumble

WFBCFejoa and walnut

available in a 450g resealable pouch

This amazing new breakfast cereal is a blend of nuts, seeds, rolled oats and feijoa pieces – made from only the best ingredients… walnuts, pure Canadian maple, freeze-dried feijoa slices and organic coconut oil to name but a few, this delicious cereal will leave you will a taste of nostalgia for the fruit crumbles we all grew up with…

good to know..

- 70% nuts, seeds and fruit
- no wheat, dairy or egg
- high in fibre
- low in salt/sodium
- source of protein
- source of natural minerals
- high in magnesium


“Your new Walnut & Feijoa Breakfast Crumble is simply amazing. Just the right mix of ingredients combined with an incredible flavour.  It’s hard to stop after one serve – in fact I didn’t!” - Shaun

INGREDIENTS: almonds, rolled oats, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sultanas, sunflower seeds, organic coconut, honey, pure maple syrup, organic virgin coconut oil, feijoas, olive oil, organic coconut sugar, spices.