Festive products

Festive product range…

Our delicious festive cakes are packed full of fruit and nuts and are laced with the finest NZ liqueurs!  Available in a range of sizes with something to suit your needs and budget, we also have on offer a no gluten option – a 500g festive slab.  All our festive products come stylishly packaged to make them the perfect Xmas offering.  Please email us for a copy of our festive price list and ordering information.

400g festive cake – the perfect little gift!

(minimum order quantity 6 units)



800g festive cake – a round, fully topped and stylishly packaged cake.

(minimum order quantity 4 units)

800g festive cake compressed


1kg festive cake – this beautiful large festive cake is perfect for the holiday season to cater for family & friends. (Available as an unboxed option at Farro Fresh & Moore Wilson).

(minimum order quantity 3 units)

1kg festive cake compressed


500g festive slab (no gluten)

(minimum order quantity 8 units)

500g Gluten Free Festive Slab  compressed