Caramel poached pears with spiced apple fig & walnut slab

poached pear with our spiced apple fig & walnut slab

Serves 4

2 pears, peeled
250g brown sugar
500mls water
5 cardamom pods (optional)
1/2 vanilla bean pod
20g butter
1 spiced apple fig & walnut slab


Peel pears leaving stems intact. Cut 5mm off the base of each pear so they can sit upright in the saucepan.

Place the pears in a small saucepan with the brown sugar, water, cardamom and vanilla bean pod. Bring to a simmer then reduce the heat to low, partially cover the pot with a lid and poach for 2 hours.

Once pears are tender and golden, remove from poaching liquid and set aside.

Boil the poaching liquid for 15 mins or until it reduces and thickens. Remove cardamom pods and vanilla bean, then
add the butter and mix to combine.

Cut pears in half and distribute between bowls, placing on slice of spiced apple fig & walnut, pour over a generous helping of syrup.

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