Thank you for Choosing Our Primal Bar

These wholesome bars have been handcrafted
for Air NZ from quality, real ingredients

59% Nuts and Seeds

Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free

Source of Protein & Dietary Fibre

Plant Based / Vegetarian Friendly

10% of profits going to Lifeforce Restoration Trust

Primal Bars come in a larger 60g serve.

You can buy our snack bars through all major supermarkets chains in NZ such as New World, Woolworths, Fresh Choice, PaknSave along with selected good independent retailers.

They are also available via our online store.

Our Primal recipe comes as:

  • A plain or chocolate dipped Bar perfect for your bag, car and office drawer.
  • A 4 bar multipack both plain and choc dipped, ideal for pantry or lunchboxes.
  • A great value slab to cut up into pieces and use as you please. Try cutting into thin slices adding to your cheese platter for when friends and family are over.
  • A bag of bites/biscuits, ideal to bridge through meals.

Single Bars & Multipacks

Biscuits & Bites


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Thank you for choosing Primal Bar on your Air NZ flight!

pure delish are proud to donate 10% of the profits from the sale of our bars to Air New Zealand to the amazing work of the Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust (FLFT).

The FLFT was established to help protect threatened species of fauna and flora with the Maungataniwha and Pohokura native forests within the Central North Island of New Zealand.

Since 2006 the Trusts work has expanded significantly and they now have 3 properties in the North Island, one property in South Island’s Fiordland National Park and another on Stewart Island.

The Maungataniwha Kiwi Project has carved out a name for itself as one of the most prolific and successful kiwi conservation initiatives in NZ. Its Operation Nest Egg has now seen more than 300 kiwi chicks hatched and released back into the wild. Kiwi eggs are taken from Maungataniwha and incubated, The resulting chicks are reared in safety until they weigh 1kg and are able to successfully fend off predators before being released back into the wild. Once a kiwi chick has reached over 1kg in weight, they are best equipped to be able to fight off any predators.

The FLFT are also involved in securing breeding areas in Maungataniwha and Pohokura for the endangered Whio (Blue Duck).
Extensive predator control has been undertaken along with the creation of 2 sanctuary areas within Maungataniwha and Pohokura to create a safer environment for a variety of bird species.

Kakabeak is a shrub with glorious flowers shaped like a parrots’ beak, it is sadly extremely rare in the wild with only around 100 plants thought to be growing across the whole of NZ. The Kakabeak propagation project which has involved creation of a nursery and replanting programme has started to yield results which has been exciting to see.

Finally, there is a conversion project underway to replant 4000 hectares of pine forest back to native forest. This project is believed to be the biggest project of its kind in NZ. A major challenge is the removal of the regenerating pine as it crowds out slower growing native species.

pure delish was founded in 1997 by Kaz Staples, a young mum who decided she needed to make some extra cash for her family at Christmas. Being a keen baker, this seemed like a logical way to generate income. 40 products, 30 staff and a thriving business later, pure delish is a real kiwi success story.

Over the years our range has grown from one cereal to several and has expanded into snack bars, biscuits/bites, slabs and snacking clusters. We are continually innovating and ensure any new products are made from all natural, quality ingredients that give nutrient dense deliciousness.

As a company, not only are our products clean label, made from real ingredients, but many also tick the boxes for keto friendly, low sugar/low carb, gluten free, plant based, plus many more…

We always stay true to our roots, hand-crafting delicious products from the best ingredients we can buy with the bare minimum of processing.

Even today, when we are in nearly every supermarket and independent grocer in New Zealand, this hasn’t changed. After over two decades in business, we are aware that doing things by hand is the only way to assure the quality we’re after. We are committed to producing mouth-wateringly, delicious products with health benefits. If it doesn’t taste amazing and have a point of difference, it’s not a pure delish product!

At the heart of pure delish are our people. We have a fantastic team who bring life, laughter and dedication to our production facility each and every day. Our kitchens are manned by real people – blending, weighing, baking and quality checking – there’s not a factory robot in sight!

We are a melting pot of cultures and experience and we’re sure that this is the secret ingredient that takes our products from great to unrivaled.

Our delicious and wholesome Primal Bars are perfect for…

  • On-the-go or between meals snacking.
  • Fuelling campers/trampers, adventurers or Gym-Goers…
  • Keep one in your desk, your car, your back pack for when you simply need a little pick-me-up!

Ingredients: Nuts & Seeds (59%) (Almonds, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Linseed, Coconut Chips), Dried Fruit (20%) (Dried Dates (Dates, Rice Flour), Dried Apricots (Apricots, Rice Flour), Brown Sugar, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, NZ Honey, Coconut Nectar, Processing Aid (Soy).
Contains: Almonds, Soy.
May contain traces of Brazilnut, Cashew, Macadamia, Pecan, Sesame, Walnut.

Thank you for choosing our Primal Bar