available in a pouch containing 12 bites.  also available as a snack bar and slab. These delicious, healthy (4.5 star health rated) and natural Primal Bites are full of nuts seeds and dried fruit.
  • No added wheat, gluten, dairy or egg
  • No artificial colours, flavours or added salt
  • High in fibre
Ingredients: almonds, dried dates, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, organic sulphite-free apricots, brown sugar, olive oil, nz honey, linseed, organic coconut, rice flour
Primal-Bites-2 compressed
“Thank you for the Primal Snack Bar, it is the greatest thing in the universe. Just thought you oughtta know…” – Tanya
“In May I attended the Wellington Food Show. I picked up 3 Primal Bars and it was love at first bite! Where can I purchase more of these yummy treats… they are the treat at the end of the day when I have another story to grind out. I have one left and it will be cut up into 4 pieces… but after that NO MORE!! Quite distressing to say the least, help…”  
Available in a pouch containing 12 cookie bites These delicious cookie bites are a healthy twist on the classic kiwi afghan biscuit.  Packed full of almonds, 70% real cocoa chocolate, chunky coconut chips then bound together with olive oil and a hint of chilli, they are the perfect little treat! Good to know…
  • handmade
  • no added wheat, gluten or dairy
Hafganni-2 compressed
Ingredients: almonds, dark real chocolate, gluten free flour, rice flour, treacle, organic coconut, brown sugar, olive oil, egg white, baking powder, chilli seasoning, salt
“Ripped open a bag of Haffagani Bites today and in a blink of an eye they were GONE! The entire office loved them… general consensus is that the chilli is what makes them AWESOME… thanks so much!” (Anna)
available in a pouch containing 8 biscuits, also available as a snack bar and slab. These energy packed and delicious primal choc biscuits are the perfect snack loaded with 70% nuts, seeds and dried fruit, then choc dipped. Good to know…
  • 70% nuts, seeds and fruit
  • handmade
  • no added gluten, wheat or egg
  • no sulphites or transfats
Primal-Choc-2 compressed   ingredients: almonds, dried dates, organic sulphite free apricots, dark compound chocolate, sunflower seeds, nz honey, pumpkin seeds, brown sugar, olive oil, organic coconut, flaxseeds, rice flour “I just wanted to let you know how great your Primal Choc Biscuits are, delicious and big enough to keep you going inbetween meals.” (Claire)