Local As – 100% New Zealand Ingredient Granola

Macadamia & Manuka Honey Granola Local As
macadamia & manuka honey granola
Blackberry Blueberry Boysenberry Granola Local As (1)
blackberry, blueberry & boysenberry granola
Nectarine Blueberry & Horopito Granola Local As (1)
nectarine, blueberry & horopito granola

Nograin-ola/Grain-ola – a nutrient dense nut and seed based range of twice-baked granola’s

raspberry & maple nut nograin-ola
choc nut nograin-ola
peach, pecan & vanilla nograin-ola
citrus & spice nograin-ola
passionfruit crunch ancient grain-ola
raspberry crunch quinoa grain-ola
wild berry & hemp grain-ola
black doris plum grain-ola

Muesli – oat or flake based cereal range with high %’s of nuts and seeds

original chunky nut muesli
tropical mango nut crunch
crunchy muesli with flakes

Breakfast Mixes – grain free, no added sugars and highly nutrient dense

strawberry & pistachio breakfast mix
primal breakfast mix

Porridge/Bircher – ready to eat in 1 easy step, hot or cold

dark chocolate and almond bircher porridge
dark chocolate & almond
wild blueberry bircher porridge
wild blueberry bircher porridge
creamy chia bircher & porridge