export distributors

pure delish is available in the following countries, Australia, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Singapore & Thailand. If we do not currently have a distributor that covers your region/country or type of business, please feel free to contact us directly – Amanda Macdonald – amanda@puredelish.co.nz.
AUSTRALIA NSW (independent grocery stores) Please contact Michael Angeli from Angeles Fine Foods- email: michael@angelesfinefoods.com.


QUEENSLAND (independent grocery stores) Please contact Tanya Hargreaves from Total Gourmet – email: Tanya@totalgourmet.com.au.  


  SOUTH AUSTRALIA (independent foodstores) Please contact Grant Minervini from Avo Trading – grant@avotrading.com.au    

AUSTRALIA-WIDE (health & well-being stores) Please contact Brock Hatton from This Natural Life – email: brock@thisnaturallife.com.au


OTHER EXPORT MARKETS Please feel free to contact us directly for information around distribution in other countries. Amanda Macdonald – email: amanda@puredelish.co.nz.