Here’s what a few of our fans say…

‘As a Type 1 diabetic I have spent of 25 years seeking out food I could eat without experiencing an escalated blood sugar or delayed hypoglycaemia resulting from chasing the carbs with insulin.  This product (raspberry & maple nut nograin-ola) is stunning.  I can now get sustained energy without any imbalance in blood sugar levels.  I didn’t think it was possible to produce an edible product let alone a delicious one with 12g of carbohydrate per 100g.  My current cereal is over 60g and that is at the low end of mainstream cereal brands.’ Terry

‘Popped into Moore Wilson’s in Wellington yesterday for a coffee and a healthy snack option.  None of the cakes, pastries and breads for me (gluten and sugar free preferable).  The Primal Choc Bar – outstanding!!  Thought it would be a tall order to find but you shone through the options (packaging & description).  So much son that without first sampling, I took a punt and bought 2 bars and also the big primal slab, I was not disappointed.  Well done for anticipating the market.  I’ll be purchasing more of this and recommending to my friends & family.’ Steph

‘I just wanted to say – thank you so much!  I though I’d have to give up cereal for ever.  I’m allergic to soy and oats and I react to any forms of MSG.  Finding a cereal without any of that, plus no preservatives or additives was a challenge I’d long given up on.  I cam across your cereal, and the tropical mango & nut crunch is perfect!  It’s super yummy – makes you wonder why companies resort to artificial stuff in the first place when something all natural can be so good!  Thanks again and keep up the amazing work… (Holly)

“Thank you for the Primal Snack Bar, it is the greatest thing in the universe, just thought you oughtta know…” Tanya

“I’ve just tasted your Muesli for the first time and it’s the best I have ever had! It tasted like homemade muesli (or even better actually) and I love the fact that it’s made locally from high quality ingredients. Thank you!” Maurine

“I was in Wellington recently and picked up a packet of new Gourmet Complete Blend Porridge.  It is fantastic!” Mandy & Simon

“Hi there, I have never been much of one for buying baked goods – I do a lot of baking myself and most find bought slices a little ‘mass produced’ or never that exciting and I always could have made better myself! Until the ginger & walnut caramel slab I tried when someone bought it for coffee….IT IS DEVINE… I then bought it for morning tea to a friends house the next day and was SOOO disappointed when she didn’t open it!!  I just bought a few to serve as a sweet treat for adults at my daughters birthday party – everyone loved it – I was disappointed when there wasn’t any left over.  I am too scared to buy more…I don’t know if I’d stop eating it – Fab!” Kate

‘OMG your pistachio and kaffir lime bites!!! Heaven… Only problem is now I can’t stop!! nom nom nom…’ Antonia