Thanks to everyone who visited us at the recent Auckland Foodshow…

We were so happy to be back at the Auckland Foodshow in 2021, it was fantastic to see this event being supported by so many of you!   

We really enjoyed sharing some of the new products we have been busy working on in the past year or so including our delicious new Luxe Nuts range along with our first of its kind, 100% NZ ingredient granola, Local As! 

The Foodshow is really important for pure delish as it allows us to talk to you, our fantastic customers, to hear what you think of our products, get your ideas for new ones, find out how you like to eat them and interestingly where some of you hide them!

At pure delish we genuinely like to get your feedback so if you weren’t able to make it along to the show, feel free to drop us line at, otherwise hopefully we will see you at next year’s event! 

So proud to be awarded 3 medals at the recent NZ Outstanding Food Producer Awards

We are so excited to announce that 3 of our products have been awarded medals in the recent Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards 2021!  

Our amazing ‘almond & vanilla snacking clusters’ were awarded gold, ‘almond & dark chocolate snacking clusters’ silver and our ‘peach, pecan & vanilla nograin-ola’ bronze!!! 

To find out more about these delicious products simply head to the product pages on our website and make sure you keep an eye out for them when you are next in store. 

Look out for our new nuts range – Luxe Nuts

pure delish are super excited to announce the arrival of their new premium nuts range, Luxe Nuts.  With 4 unique mixes; maple smoked almonds, cashew lime & chilli coconut, lime & black pepper almonds and smoked paprika cashews, the new range offers you an experience that will awaken your taste buds with the clean and dynamic tastes on offer.  The packaging has been designed to align with the bold, modern flavours and to enable you to find the products easily on shelf.   

Luxe Nuts are perfect for snacking straight from the pack, livening up a nibbles platter or adding some zing to salads or veges.  Available in Countdown Health & Wellbeing aisle, selected New World and Fresh Choice Supermarkets, along with leading independent grocers such as Farro Fresh and Moore Wilson.   

Healthy Food Guide Award Winners 2020

We are excited to announce that our amazing ‘almond & mixed berry snacking clusters’ have been awarded “BEST PACKAGED SWEET SNACK” and our ‘crunchy muesli with flakes’ has won “BEST BREAKFAST CEREAL” in the Healthy Food Guide Awards 2020!!
If you want to see what all the fuss is about, grab yourself a bag to try!!

Our new functional health cereals are here!

They’re here!!
We are so excited to bring you our new functional health cereals!
With 2 protein +, 2 low carb & 2 digestive health cereals to choose from, we have something to start your day the right way!
Available now in Countdown Health & Well-being aisle and selected New World, Fresh Choice & independent grocers.

Keep an eye out on our social media for more information and a chance to win some samples!!

Blending and baking to perfection

Five minutes with Pure Delish’s product developer Diogo Riedi.

Making healthy food without sacrificing taste requires a lot of knowledge – and many test recipes – which is why Pure Delish has always focused on product development.

Good caught up with Pure Delish’s product developer Diogo Riedi to learn about the fascinating process of making healthy breakfast cereals and snack bars without sacrificing taste.

What are your priorities when developing new products for Pure Delish?

At Pure Delish, we have two main pillars: it has to be pure, and it has to be delicious. We believe that healthy food can also be a treat, something you eat because you crave not only because it’s good for you. Cereal bars, for example, are the perfect snack for the busy yet mindful consumer. However, it is easy to find “fake healthy” options in the market, as well as healthy but unpalatable versions.

What are the challenges for creating healthy food that tastes amazing?

I believe that the main challenge in this niche market is a common preference of consumers for sweet products. Unfortunately, there are many products we all consume daily that have sugars added unnecessarily, like yoghurts and even bread, which alters our palate.

How do you address this concern at Pure Delish?

We only use unrefined sugars such as raw brown sugar, coconut nectar and honey, and although they are healthier options, we try to keep them to a bare minimum. It takes practice and adherence to guidelines. All test recipes are followed by nutritional value calculations to make sure we are achieving not only the taste but also the optimising the health benefits.

Do you have any suggestions for our readers when choosing their breakfast cereals and snacks?

Get acquainted with what you put into your body. The best way to do that is to read the ingredients. By law, the labelling must state the ingredients in descending order, that is, those that are listed first are in greater quantity. So choose the products where whole grains appear first on the list of ingredients.

Another recommendation is to avoid rice flakes, which are cereals with a high glycaemic index, that is, when ingested, they are quickly converted to glucose (sugar) by the body and generate a peak of insulin. Also, watch out for ingredients like glucose syrup, corn glucose, inverted sugar or maltodextrin, which are nothing more than disguised sugars.

The team at Pure Delish is currently in the process of updating the recipes of all their historic best sellers. The goal is to maintain the same flavour that won our consumers in the first place while improving nutritional values, with a focus on reducing sugars levels and increasing protein, fibre and good fats.


We are super-excited to introduce you to our two new cereal creations…. a keto friendly Strawberry & Pistachio Breakfast Mix and a deliciously crunchy and tangy Raspberry Crunch Quinoa Grain-ola!  Both cereals are now available in Moore Wilson in Wellington and Farro Fresh Stores in Auckland.  Roll-out to New World, PaknSave and Fresh Choice Supermarkets commencing this week (7 October).  For more info please go to our cereal products pages or visit our facebook page.  We hope you enjoy them!

WE LOVE GINGER! Here’s why…

You may have noticed, but we are huge fans of ginger here at pure delish, so we thought we would share with you some of the amazing benefits of ginger! (Doesn’t hurt that it tastes amazing as well!)
The ginger we eat is actually the root or underground stem of the ginger plant and can be enjoyed fresh, powdered, dried as a spice, in oil form, or as juice!
Ginger has been known to help with nausea, cold & flu relief, aid digestion and is also an anti inflammatory!
You can see why we like it so much!


You may have noticed, but we are huge fans of ginger here at pure delish, so we thought we would share with you some of the amazing benefits of ginger! (Doesn’t hurt that it tastes amazing as well!)
The ginger we eat is actually the root or underground stem of the ginger plant and can be enjoyed fresh, powdered, dried as a spice, in oil form, or as juice!
Ginger has been known to help with nausea, cold & flu relief, aid digestion and is also an anti inflammatory!
You can see why we like it so much!

Christchurch Foodshow this week!

We are really looking forward to our trip south to the Christchurch Foodshow this week (5-7 April).  If you’re coming along to the show, make sure you come and see us on Stand C09 – we’ll have an exciting new range of products for you to be first to try along with some great show specials!

NZ Outstanding Producer Awards – Silver Medal Winner

We were super-excited to be awarded Silver Medals for three of our products at the recent NZ Outstanding Producer Awards.   Our Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola cereal, the Primal Bar/Bite and Slab, and our newest creation, Pecan, Ginger & Coconut Nograin-ola were all recognised.  If you haven’t tried any of these delicious products yet, look out for them in your local store!

Kaz Staples recognised in New Year Honours List for her contribution to the Food Industry.

We were so excited and proud to hear that our AMAZING founder & owner, Kaz was recognised in the New Years Honour’s List for her service to the Food Industry.

Kaz has tirelessly poured her heart and soul into building pure delish from a small seasonal festive cake business in 1997 through to the flourishing enterprise it is today, employing around 30 staff and still handmaking our range of super-premium cereals, snack bars, biscuits/bites and slabs. While pure delish has undergone substantial growth over the past decade, what hasn’t changed is Kaz’s determination to ensure the business holds true to its core values – operating the business with integrity, looking after the health and well-being of staff, leading innovation and pushing the boundaries in their chosen categories.

“It has been an incredible journey so far with a lot of amazing people who have come along for the ride
and played a huge part in growing the business to where it is today.”

For more information about Kaz & the other amazing New Zealander’s recognised this year, click the link below.

Exciting news – our new pecan, ginger & coconut nograin-ola has arrived!!

Hot off the production line – the newest member of our nograin-ola family, pecan, ginger & coconut nograin-ola has officially been launched!  We celebrated the launch earlier this week with some of our customers, key media, and other valued guests where they were treated to an inside peek at how this delicious new product is made.  Our team loved sharing with our guests the skill, care and realness that goes into each and every pure delish product.  We finished our launch with an amazing pecan, ginger & coconut inspired smoothie bowl from the lovely ladies at The Smoothie Bowl!

If you want to try our new cereal get in quick!  It’s currently available from these few select stores, Auckland: Farro Fresh and NW Eastridge, PaknSave Ormiston, PaknSave Silverdale.  Wellington: Moore Wilson’s and NW Thorndon.

pecan, ginger & coconut nograin-ola will be rolling out to more stores over the coming weeks, if you would like to see it on shelf in your local supermarket, please ask them to stock it!!


Jan 20 year anniversary hamper winners

We have had SO MANY entries for our 20 year anniversary hampers! Congratulations to our January winners, Brenda Maclaurin, Paul Dobson, Paula Marin & Denise Haagh! Make sure you pick up a bag of our special edition ‘original chunky nut muesli’ to enter! We have our final 3 hampers to giveaway next month. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Exciting things ahead

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had a safe & relaxing time over the holidays!
We are super excited about this year, and have got some amazing things coming up this year! Make sure you keep an eye out on our social media for what’s in store! We will be heading to the Food Shows around the country again this year, so make sure you pop in and say hi! We love meeting all our amazing customers!

December hamper winners!

I had a little help picking the winners of our 20 year anniversary hampers this month! Congratulations to our winners Joy Thorp, Alexandra Inkersell, Tania Rewi, Grant Everiss, Melanie McClintock, Ullie Aller & Kim O’connor! Make sure you keep an eye out for our limited edition bag of original chunky nut muesli for your chance to enter!

20 year anniversary hamper winners

We are excited to announce the winners of our 20 year anniversary hamper giveaway!
Congratulations to our winners, Michael Mishriki, Kate Porter, Alison Herman, Jess Russell, Keely Mauch & George Motuliki!
Make sure you pick up your 20 year anniversary bag of Original Chunky Nut Muesli to enter! We have 7 more hampers to giveaway this month!

Festive Cakes are now available

It’s that time of year again! Our famous Festive cakes are now available! Make sure you keep an eye out for them in Moore Wilson’s in Wellington and Farro Fresh in Auckland along with selected independent retailers.
Available in the following sizes, there’s one to cater for all budgets and occasions!
– 400g (perfect little gift)
– 500g round (available at Farro only)
– 550g slab
– 800g round (the perfect gift)
– 1KG

Summer Bircher Recipe


Thanks to our friends at The Smoothie Bowl, we have this super easy and delicious bircher recipe made using our new Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge!

For 1 serving you will need:
½ cup pure delish Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge
¼ grated apple (skin on)
Raspberry Chia Jam (see recipe below)
Coconut or Greek yoghurt
Coconut Water
Nuts & Seeds (whatever you have)
Handful of Berries (blueberries or strawberries)
Shredded Coconut
Freeze-dried Raspberry (optional)

Raspberry Chia Jam
2 cups frozen raspberry
2 TBSP water
1 TBSP honey
3 TBSP chia seeds
(Put all in a pot and boil over medium heat, stirring frequently until mixture thickens. Store in an air tight container in the fridge and will keep for around 2 weeks.)

Put Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge and the grated apple in a bowl and cover with coconut water and a lid (could use gladwrap) and place in the fridge for 15mins. Pull out and stir.

In a glass cup/jar begin layering – You can do this in any order and use many alternatives. We started with a dollop of the raspberry chia jam, followed by fresh blueberries, then a dollop of coconut or greek yoghurt, then spoon in bircher mix, another dollop of raspberry Chia Jam, topped with a small amount of nuts & seeds, shredded coconut, fresh Strawberry and crumbled freeze dried raspberry (optional)…. super easy and totally deeelicious!!!


20 Year Anniversary

We so excited to be celebrating 20 years of innovation, pushing the boundaries and providing our customers with a range of products we are extremely proud of.

We would not be where we are today without your amazing support on this epic journey!

Over the next few months you will see on shelf a celebratory Original Chunky Nut Muesli anniversary bag. There will be opportunities to win pure delish hampers both on the celebratory bag and on our social media pages, make sure you keep an eye out!

Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge

We have recently updated and tweaked our original Complete Blend Breakfast cereal. Our new Creamy Chia Bircher & Porridge is now available in a larger 500g bag and has a health star rating of 4.5!

While many other bircher muesli’s and porridges on the market are primarily oats with flavouring, our cereal is packed with nuts, seeds and fruit. Easy to prepare in one easy step, make sure you look out for the new bag in stores.

In addition we are also donating 50c from every bag sold to ‘Luekaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand’ an amazing charity that is very dear to our hearts, we would love you to help us support them!

Chocolate & Original Chunky Nut Muesli Cookies

Chocolate & Original Chunky Nut Muesli Cookies

Makes 20 cookies


125g butter
1 cup softened brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
3/4 cup of rolled oats
1 cup plain flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt

1 cup dark chocolate, cut into chunks
2 cups Original Chunky Nut Muesli


Preheat the oven to 180°C. Line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper.

Cream butter and sugar until fluffy and pale. Add egg and vanilla essence and mix until combined.

Add the dry ingredients and mix until dough has come together.

Add the added extras and mix together with your hands – the dough will be stiff.

Roll into balls (you may need to pack them slightly because of all the nuts and seeds) and place on a lined baking tray. Gently press the cookies down slightly with the back of a spoon.

Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden.

Vote for us in the Farro ‘Best of 2016’ and be in to win!

Farro Fresh have selected their top food loving finds for 2016 – from real Italian donuts, made in Tauranga, to fresh goats curd cheese from Martinborough, to the new and totally amazing ‘Passionfruit Crunch Ancient Grain-ola’ from pure delish!!

The head office team at Farro Fresh consider, taste and deliberate over more than 200 products for selection on the shelves of Farro Fresh. The final Farro Best of 2016 list is made up of those real standout products that became instant classics and blew our taste buds.
We’re now calling on you to vote for your favourite to crown the best-of-the-best Farro People’s Choice Deliciousness Award winner 2016.
When you vote, you automatically go into the draw to WIN 1 of 3 Farro artisan selection hampers. 
Voting closes on 30 November 2016 and the winner will be announced on 5 December.
Farro best of 2016 pic
To vote please go to:

Winter Warmer Recipes – Facebook Winners Recipes

We recently ran a competition through our Facebook page . On it we asked our followers to post a recipe of their favourite winter recipe the following three were our top picks.

PAULINE BASS    wrote  “I love Pure Delish Porridge (Complete Blend Breakfast) made with almond milk, blue berries, banana and a little cinnamon……perfect on a cold winter morning”         Great recipe on how to use our Complete Blend Breakfast




DEBBIE SNELL  gave us an amazing recipe for “Apple crumble cake Would be magnificent with the walnut & feijoa breakfast crumble on the top”

Thanks for the very detailed recipe  – we can’t wait to test out the recipe Debbie!!

Ingredients for the cake:
¾ cup all-purpose flour
¼ cup castor sugar
1 tsp baking powder
¾ tsp ground cinnamon
⅛ tsp baking soda
⅛ tsp salt
¼ cup + 2 Tablespoons of milk
¾ tsp pure vanilla extract
¼ cup + 2 teaspoons vegetable or canola oil
1 large egg
2 or 3 medium apples, washed, peeled, cored and sliced
½ tsp ground cinnamon
1 Tablespoon apple cider vinegar
for the topping:
⅓ cup packed light brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp salt
½ cup unsalted butter, melted and cooled
1 and ½ cup all-purpose flour
Grease and flour 8″ round springform pan.
Preheat oven to 190 celsius
In a medium bowl, whisk together sugar, cinnamon, salt and flour. Add melted butter and fluff with fork until mixtures creates crumbs. Set aside.
In a bowl, toss apple slices with two tablespoons of sugar, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon and the apple cider vinegar.
to make the cake:
In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, cinnamon, baking soda and salt. In a large measuring cup, mix together milk, vanilla, oil and egg. Whisk until smooth.
Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir with a wooden spoon.
Pour the cake batter into the prepared pan.
Arrange apple slices over the batter.
Sprinkle crumb topping over the apples covering completely.
Bake the cake for 30 to 35 minutes or until the topping is golden brown.
Let cool completely in the pan.
Transfer onto a serving plate or stand. Slice and serve.
Keep in a covered container for up to 4 days.


TABATHIA NEWTON  Sent through a wonderful curry recipe

“heart warming Panang curry full of delicious veges and lots of ginger and garlic which are so good for your immune system in winter!”

400 ml (14 fl oz) tin coconut milk
250 ml (9 fl oz/1 cup) chicken stock
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tsp jarred lemongrass
2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
4 cm (1 1/2 inch) piece ginger, cut into matchsticks
2 tablespoons chopped coriander
1 fresh long red chilli, thinly sliced
4 x 150 g (5 1/2 oz) skinless chicken breast fillets
2 tablespoons fish sauce
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 large carrot, shredded
115 g (4 oz/1 cup) bean sprouts, trimmed
2 spring onions (scallions), thinly sliced
3/4 cup coriander (cilantro) leaves
1/2 cup mint leaves
Steamed jasmine rice, to serve
1. Combine the coconut milk, stock, palm sugar, lemongrass, garlic, ginger, coriander root and chilli in a large saucepan over medium-high heat and bring just to a simmer. Reduce the heat, add the chicken, cover and simmer very gently for 5 minutes. Uncover and very gently simmer for a further 5 minutes or until the chicken is just cooked through.

2. Remove the pan from the heat and set aside for 5 minutes. Remove the chicken from the pan and set aside for 5 minutes before slicing thinly. Set aside, covered to keep warm.

3. Meanwhile, return the poaching liquid to the boil. Boil for 5-7 minutes or until the liquid has reduced by half. Strain and discard the solids, then stir in the fish sauce and lime juice.

4. Meanwhile, combine the carrot, bean sprouts, spring onions and herbs in a bowl. Spoon the rice onto serving plates. Top with the sliced chicken, drizzle with the poaching liquid and finish with the herb mixture.

Penang chicken


New Recipe Primal Breakfast Mix

At Pure Delish we are all about product innovation, giving our customers what they want and not being afraid to change things up when we need to. 
With this in mind we have tweaked the recipe of one of our most loved cereals, Primal Breakfast Mix. Made from purely nuts, seeds and fruit with no added grains, sugars, flavours or preservatives. When we were told that the cherries we use in this product were about to have sugar added to better preserve them we knew we had to tweak the recipe. Now with delicious ViBERis – organic freeze-dried NZ grown blackcurrants, we have also removed the dates so the natural sugar levels have lowered.

Winner, Excellence in Innovation, Westpac Business Awards!

Earlier this week pure delish were named as winners in the ‘Excellence in Innovation’ category at the Westpac Business Awards, Central Auckland.  All of us here at pure delish are very proud of this award as it recognises the innovation in our product range as a whole and in particular the innovations we have bought to the breakfast cereal category in recent years.  We were also finalists in two other categories: Excellence in Marketing and Excellence in Business Leadership.

Choc Nut Nograin-ola – NZ Food Awards 2015 Finalist!!

Launched only 2 months ago – this brand new Nograin-ola cereal from pure delish has already been named as a Finalist at the 2015 NZ Food Awards – an amazing achievement for such a new product!  Choc Nut Nograin-ola is a rich grain free blend of 72% nuts and seeds and contains only the very best ingredients… macadamia, 70% dark real chocolate, pure Canadian maple and organic coconut…  currently available through Farro Fresh, Nosh, Moore Wilson and selected New World and Fresh Choice supermarkets it will continue to roll out to new supermarkets and independent retailers each week.  Keep up-to-date with the latest stockists through our Facebook page.


pure delish are pleased to announce that their new cereal Walnut & Feijoa Breakfast Crumble has won a New Zealand Food Awards for excellence.

Our new breakfast cereal launched at the Wellington Foodshow in May, ‘walnut & feijoa breakfast crumble’ will be moving over the next couple of months into further NZ stockists (currently available at Farro Fresh and Moore Wilsons).  This delicious cereal is made from 70% nuts, seeds and fruit and is also relatively low in sugar. Containing freeze dried feijoa slices for a real flavour hit and plenty of organic coconut (slices, sugar and oil) the latest and greatest new superfood – this cereal is a fantastic addition to our current offerings…

Love our Raspberry & Maple Nut Nograin-ola?  Look out for a new snack bar version of this coming soon!!

pure delish now fuelling top cyclist Ethan Mitchell…

we are happy to be fuelling via pure delish products top NZ track cyclist Ethan Mitchell.  Ethan has competed at the recent London Olympics in the men’s team sprint and has also attended the 2010 Commonwealth Games.  He has received Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at World Cup events and Silver and Bronze at World Championships in the team sprint.

Ethan is currently competing at the World Championships in Bolivia and will be off to the Commonwealth Games later this year, follow his progress on his facebook athletes page…

pure delish wins at NZ Food Awards

For more than a decade pure delish has been creating quality products that are real, delicious and anything but ‘ordinary’.  Their brand is synonymous with mouth-watering excellence and they have carved a solid reputation for innovative, category-challenging and award winning products.

Adding to trophy cabinet is their latest win in the New Zealand Food Awards 2013 ‘cereals and breads category’ for their top selling ‘original chunky fruit & nut muesli’.  This delicious cereal is a standout in the breakfast cereal category as it contains a massive 60% nuts seeds and fruit which is a rarity among cereals.  Pure delish was also a finalist in the Food Awards for another cereal ‘raspberry & maple nut nograin-ola’, this innovative cereal not only tastes amazing but contains no grains at all so is suitable for people on paleo, gluten or wheat free diets or simply those that want a cereal that delivers an energy packed start to their day.

The annual awards, hosted by Massey University, are the premier competition for New Zealand food producers.  Pure delish has been a winner at the awards before, taking out the cereal and breads cateogory in 2010 with their ‘complete blend breakfast’ a beautiful ready-to-go porridge or bircher style muesli, a first on the New Zealand market.