Muesli/Local As Granola/Bircher Porridge Subscription

Receive a monthly delivery of 5 packs of our delicious muesli, granola or bircher porridges.

Simply pick 5 of your favourites to be delivered direct to your door.

  Product Quantity
Macadamia & Manuka Honey Granola 300G
Nectarine, Blueberry & Horopito Grainola 300G
Blackberry, Blueberry and Boysenberry Granola 300G
Crunchy Muesli With Flakes 400g
Original Chunky Muesli 500g
Tropical Mango Nut Crunch 375g
Creamy Chia Bircher Porridge 400G
Wild Blueberry Bircher Porridge 400G
Dark chocolate & Almond Bircher Porridge 400G
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