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Nograin-ola/Grain-ola/Breakfast Mix Subscription

Receive a monthly delivery of 5 packs containing our most premium selection of granola’s and breakfast mixes.

Select 5 of your favourites to be delivered direct to your door!

  Product Quantity

Raspberry & Maple Nut 'Nograin-ola' 400g

Choc Nut 'Nograin-ola' 400g

Passionfruit Crunch Ancient Grain-ola 400g

Primal Breakfast Mix 400g

Manuka Honey & Cashew (Wellbeing) Grain-ola 350g

Blueberry & Blackcurrant (Immunity) Breakfast Mix 350g

Strawberry & Pistachio Breakfast Mix

Black Doris Plum Grain-ola (Gut Health) 350g

Peach, Pecan & Vanilla Breakfast Mix 350g

This product is currently unavailable.